Identify Locate Track


There is a significant range of applications to which Intelligent Tracking and Control System (ITCS®) is suited. Consider applications in general where, in an unstructured environment in which there is ambiguous and variable placement of tagged items in 3D, there is a need to:

Identify Uniquely identify multiple tagged items with exceptionally long operating range.
Locate Accurately ascertain the present location of those tagged items in three dimensions.
Track Track the movement of tagged items concurrently.

“Items” could mean the lowest level of aggregation of an item, or a carton or case containing items (which may or may not be tagged). We could equally well refer to tagged capital assets.ITCS-app-foot2

In a typical n-tier supply chain, ITCS users need only ensure that their consignments are tagged using specified standards-compliant UHF RFID tags, at the appropriate level of aggregation to meet business process needs. Inventory and assets passing through a facility that is equipped with our ITCS solution can then be monitored automatically.

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