Company History

We bring the IOT to life. 

Development work on a disruptive and highly innovative real-time, automated identification, location and tracking system for commercial applications started in 2004. RF Controls, LLC, was formed in 2006 by Tom Ellinwood and Graham Bloy, to commercialize and refine early stage research and development work. Mr. Ellinwood and Mr. Bloy have proven track records in business leadership and technology innovation respectively. 

As a result of over 30 man-years intensive product development effort, RF Controls has created an innovative smart antenna system that will be applied to a range of wireless communications applications. 

Our initial focus has been on ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) applications, including inventory monitoring and tracking, in both static and dynamic environments. We are focused on creating smart data capture peripherals which use advanced, innovative RF communications techniques, to create exceptional, intelligent products for use at the edge of an enterprise. 

RF Controls’ Intelligent Tracking and Control System (ITCS®) is a standards based automatic data capture system which offers real-time location system (RTLS) functionality, yet relies only on the use of passive or battery assisted passive (BAP) UHF RFID tags to identify, locate and track items. 

Our Signal Acquisition and Source Location (SASL®) smart antennas at the core of ITCS, which are installed well off the ground and typically attached to building infrastructure out of harm’s way, are all type approved by the FCC under Part 15 regulations, and have been proven to be compliant with ETSI EN 302 208. 

ITCS features an ISO compliant API for easy integration into middleware applications. RF Controls’ products are integrated into systems for end-users by systems integration partners. 

RF Controls operates from offices in St. Louis, MO.