Passive RTLS Smart Antennas

CS-445B Series

  • Tag Read Distance: 45 ft
  • Mounting Height: 10 - 30 ft
  • Tag Read Period: 8 ms
  • Location Accuracy: 1 - 1.5 ft
  • Power Source: PoE

CS-490 Series

  • Tag Read Distance: 75 ft
  • Mounting Height: 25 - 50 ft
  • Tag Read Period: 8 ms
  • Location Accuracy: 1 - 3 ft
  • Power Source: PoE+

Hands-free, Wide Area, Always On, Continuous Scanning

CS Smart Antenna Technology is the source of RTLS data which is filtered and customized from the RFC Operating System. It is an essential component to delivering hands-free, continuous, 3D location of RAIN RFID (Passive UHF) tags. Both the CS-445 and the larger CS-490 have long read-range capabilities and flexible mounting options suited for high-ceilings and wide areas.

High Ceiling, Fixed Infrastructure Tracks Everything Using Cost Effective RAIN RFID Tags

Our suite of smart antennas may be installed in various configurations depending on your desired coverage.

50 ft
30 ft