Enables Real Time Location Utilizing Passive Tags

Toronto, ON, Canada; St. Louis, MO, USA –  Sirit Inc. (“Sirit”) , a global provider of radio frequency identification (“RFID”) technology and RF Controls, LLC, (“RF Controls”) creators of the breakthrough Intelligent Tracking and Control System (ITCS®), which achieves real-time location functionality for passive ultrahigh frequency (“UHF”) RFID systems, today commented on their partnership to improve the capabilities of the companies’ UHF RFID technologies.

Sirit and RF Controls have been working collaboratively under a strategic alliance framework. The result has been a tight coupling between Sirit’s class-leading INfinity 510 (“IN510”) UHF reader and RF Controls’ innovative bidirectional electronically steerable phased array (BESPA™) antenna technology.

“This exciting strategic partnership with RF Controls has led to groundbreaking advancements with real time locationing systems. The high performance of the IN510 operating in conjunction with RF Controls’ novel antenna array allows for location and tracking RFID tags over an extremely large area with precision never before envisioned,” noted Dr. Bruce Roesner, Chief Technology Officer, Sirit.

Graham Bloy, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, RF Controls, remarked “Sirit’s ability to produce a world class UHF radio in the IN510 and their highly competent engineering staff, played a major role in the successful implementation of our line of ITCS SASLs. Sirit has been a great company with which to do business.”

RFID Journal Magazine heralded “beam-steerable phased-array antennas” as a top 10 technology to watch during 2009. RF Controls’ unique BESPA antenna technology, combined with the outstanding characteristics of the IN510 reader, results in a system – ITCS – which achieves exceptionally long operating range for passive UHF RFID tags and accurate locationing of the tags in 3D. This combination of valuable features has transformed the market’s expectations of the capabilities of passive UHF RFID systems.

An ITCS implementation comprises one or more Signal Acquisition and Source Location (SASL®) “smart antenna” modules, each of which contains a Sirit IN510. SASLs are connected by Ethernet to an edge server which aggregates and collates data. ITCS achieves accurate location of tagged items in 3D – even with just a single SASL. Each SASL can accurately determine the ranges of tags with an accuracy of 1 foot (30 cm): ranging accuracy is consistent across the full operating range of a SASL. This valuable characteristic is achieved by making use of high integrity RF signal information that is generated from the unique characteristics within Sirit’s IN510.

ITCS’ unique and powerful combination of features gives end-users the ability to automatically identify, locate and track tagged items on a zonal basis. Tagged items may be arbitrarily situated within the area or volume being monitored. Items are tagged with standards compliant (ISO 18000-6C / EPCglobal UHF Gen2) passive UHF RFID tags, ITCS is then deployed to “light up” the environment in which the tagged items are present and the result is a real-time location of all tagged items in 3D. ITCS utilizes high speed DSP techniques, coupled with advanced target acquisition algorithms, to ascertain tags’ locations with 1 foot (30cm) or better accuracy over a SASL’s operating range. This superior functionality enables efficient, automated, inventory and asset management and tracking applications

About RF Controls
RF Controls, LLC, based in St. Louis, MO, is a privately held company that specializes in wireless technology innovation. RF Controls has developed electronically steerable phased array antenna systems for use in a wide range of commercial applications; these innovations have transformed the market’s expectations for the utility of passive UHF RFID systems. RF Controls’ standards compliant ITCS products are sold to end users through systems integration partners. For more information on RF Controls and ITCS, visit www.rf-controls.com or contact us by e-mail at inquiries@rf-controls.com.

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