Automate Asset Management For Smarter Manufacturing

Passive RTLS data (Identify, Locate & Track) can promote business growth, improve efficiency and reduce waste. Manufacturers will maximize throughput with minimal delays, manage inventory, track productivity and safety.

Data driven inventory

Optimize Warehouse Management

  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Reduce buffer stock
  • Reduce manual audits / counts

Pick and Pack

Improve Pick & Pack Verification Process

  • Improve speed
  • Reduce error rates
  • Reduce manual labor

Track asset Location

Track Asset Location Of Key Items

  • Reduce lost items or errors
  • Track / trace defects and recalls

Identify Trends

Identify Trends/Reduce Waste

  • Identify shrink trends / sources
  • Identify last location of item

Improve Staging & Shipping Process

  • Increase handling speed
  • Reduce manual labor
  • Reduce error rates


Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce service interruptions
  • Improve process efficiency / flow
  • Improve space utilization

Track use of equipment

Track Use Of Equipment / Tools

  • Increase utilization of assets
  • Improve processes & sequencing

Value added service

Provide Value Added Services

  • Improve accuracy
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Use Cases For Manufacturers

Increased Throughput

Manufacturing throughput time is defined as the amount of time required for a product to pass through a manufacturing process, thereby being converted from raw materials into finished goods. Our technology gives manufacturers the ability to monitor assets and assembly parts and track work-in-progress (WIP) from work order to final assembly.

Increased Inventory Accuracy

CS Smart Antenna Technology gives manufacturers the ability to track tools, parts, raw materials and transport vehicles in real-time throughout your entire facility. You can get automated transactional events without human intervention. With RF Controls passive RTLS in place, you can manage durable and expendable assets more effectively. Knowing what you have in stock, in repair or out on the floor means that you can more effectively use your assets, restock less and find your assets faster.

Faster Location of Assets

Without a real-time location-based tracking system, finding assets in a large facility is a frustrating experience that can lead to liabilities, safety issues and inefficiencies. RF Controls passive RTLS can help minimize these burdens if not outright solve them. With reliable location of your assets, you won’t need to play this game. Find the item in real-time, when you need it.

Better Safety & Compliance

Surprisingly, many manufacturers simply don’t have the ability to completely monitor their operations. Shutting down an operation to investigate and solve a problem is not acceptable. With RF Controls CS Smart Antenna Technology, compliance issues and their consequences can be mitigated and eliminated.

Key Product Attributes

Fixed infrastructure providing hands-free results.

Identify, Locate, Track RAIN RFID tagged assets in 3 dimensional space.

Always on, continuous scanning for last known location.

Ability to track movement of items from one zone to the next.

Longer read range provides flexibility and lower deployment costs.

RFC OS architecture is designed to be open source, standards based.

The antenna and reader are seamlessly integrated into one PoE unit.

Simple drag & drop UI enables facility wide passive RTLS integration.