RF Controls, LLC, was formed by Tom Ellinwood and Graham Bloy, to commercialize and refine early stage research and development work leading to the commercialization of a disruptive and highly innovative real-time, automated identification, location and tracking system utilizing standard RAIN RFID passive tags.

RF Controls’ suite of smart passive RTLS antennas is unique in the marketplace as the only true, passive real-time location system capable of operating across the global supply chain.  The advanced engineering of this product has solved many of the shortcomings found in other legacy technologies.  The key differentiation is the precision location of passive tagged items at distances long thought impossible.

In addition, the system utilizes a drag and drop UI architecture during setup and configuration that facilitates quick, easy deployments in the field.  Once the initial step is completed, RF Controls’ Smart RTLS System will monitor and report the precise location of each passive tagged item throughout the reporting area.  The algorithms that drive the data collection and location services provide meaningful x,y,z coordinates in 3-dimensional space regardless of the number of antennas getting a hit on a particular tag.

RF Controls operates from offices in St. Louis, MO and Toronto, Canada.