Real-Time Item Level Merchantability Enables Omnichannel

Passive RTLS data (Identify, Locate & Track) transforms the way retailers count inventory, identify lost or misplaced items, replenish stock and facilitate omnichannel orders from anywhere. Manual processes that are prone to mistakes will be problems of the past.

Data driven inventory

Data Driven Inventory Decisions

  • Increase data accuracy
  • Eliminate cycle counting costs
  • Reduce safety stock

Identify Trends

Identify Trends, Complement EAS

  • Shrink reduction
  • Identify shrink trends
  • Identify last location of item

Ensure In-Store Availability

  • Automate replenishment
  • Reduce out-of-stocks
  • Sales lift from lower OOS

sell stock

Sell Stock From Multiple Avenues

  • Reduce carrying costs
  • Sell to the last item from online
  • Increase online sales

point of sale

Automate Point-Of-Sale

  • Repurpose staff to sales
  • Reduce abandoned sales

Pick and Pack

Faster Order Fulfillment

  • Reduce error rates
  • Reduce safety stock


Optimize In-store Activities

  • Direct employee work & time
  • Develop accountability
  • Increase speed of tasks

Track use of equipment

Drive Customer Behavior Insights

  • Adapt styles and production faster
  • Build understanding of in-store traffic patterns & customer behaviors

Use Cases For Retailers

Inventory Counts

With wide-area overhead CS Smart Antenna Technology, you can do this continuously and in real-time throughout the store or even the supply chain. An added bonus is that it’s hands-free, reducing human error and in some cases eliminating the need for human involvement altogether. The result is more automation and the ability to see your stock at all locations in real-time.

Customer Engagement

Whether you’re an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store – or both – customer engagement is your primary focus. With real-time visibility of your products, customers can be directed to the current location of the item, not just where it is supposed to be.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

With real-time visibility of RAIN RFID tagged items, you can sell to the last item across multiple channels with confidence.

Loss Identification

Seeing a “breadcrumb trail” for each item leaving your store provides insights that no portal can. Trends become evident, including the types of items being stolen or misplaced throughout the store, as well as when and where these events occur. Predictive analysis becomes a reality.

Key Product Attributes

Fixed infrastructure providing hands-free results.

Identify, Locate, Track RAIN RFID tagged assets in 3 dimensional space.

Always on, continuous scanning for last known location.

Ability to track movement of items from one zone to the next.

Longer read range provides flexibility and lower deployment costs.

RFC OS architecture is designed to be open source, standards based.

The antenna and reader are seamlessly integrated into one PoE unit.

Simple drag & drop UI enables facility wide passive RTLS integration.