RTV Engineering has built a solution leveraging RF Controls’ overhead reader and antenna system to track the locations of a manufacturer’s bins of materials as they are stacked seven bins high on metal racks, thereby enabling the company to know where its components and materials are located in real time.

By Claire Swedberg
Tags: Manufacturing, RTLS

Sep 06, 2019—RFID solutions company RTV Engineering has built a system that is being piloted by a manufacturing company to identify, locate and track, in 3D, the locations of bins stacked on two rows of metal racks facing each other across an aisle in real time, using passive RFID. The manufacturer has asked to remain unnamed. The system allows the company to identify where particular bins are located within a few feet, and to thereby better understand its inventory of assets and supplies, as well as where they can be found and when they need to be replenished.

The solution consists of RF Controls’ overhead passive real-time location system (RTLS) UHF reader and phased array antennas, as well as UHF RFID tags from multiple vendors on bins, according Robert Veiga, RTV Engineering’s CEO. “RF Controls developed the technology while RTV integrated it into a solution,” he explains.